Emetophobia, The Fear of Vomiting

If you feel consumed by the fear of vomiting and it’s depriving you of a normal life, you’ve come to the right place. Here, on this site, I will help you overcome Emetophobia forever and learn how to lead a normal life once again.

On this site, I will cover techniques, tips, proven methods to help you overcome Emetophobia. No long and tedious therapy, no nasty antiemetic medication, no psycho mumbo-jumbo, just easy to do and apply mastery techniques to get to the bottom of your fear and conquer it for good.

What is Emetophobia?

Emetophobia is really an extreme, non rational phobia or anxiety associated with vomiting. This unique phobia may also consist of sub categories of the causes for the fear and anxiety, causes that include the fear of vomiting in public, a fear of seeing vomit, a fear of seeing the act of vomiting as well as the fear of feeling nauseated. It is important to understand that a person with emetophobia may demonstrate one of these, some of these or fear or all of them.

The main problem with emetophobia is that it is medically considered an “elusive predicament” due to the minimal research that has been done regarding it however it is known that it is not limited by age or maturity level. Emetophobia is regarded as being one of the most common phobias in the world and I was shocked when I learned this little fact. I was sure I was the only one.

Are You Emetophobic?

If one of the following things apply to you, then you are probably Emetophobic:

  • You’re afraid of eating at restaurants or friends houses for fear of being sick.
  • You’re scared of being near sick people for fear of seeing them vomit.
  • It’s hard for you to stop the thought of feeling sick from creeping into your mind.
  • You are extremely underweight since you’ll only eat what you consider to be “safe” foods.
  • Your Emetophobia is harming your social life and causing you anguish.
  • You feel lost and hopeless as if you will never be able to cure this condition.

With so much false information about Emetophobia it’s hard to find what really works. Here, I will share with you valuable information about how you can put this fear behind you once and for all and never feel the fear of vomiting take control of your life again.

Emetophobia Causes

As with most phobias, the main causes could be a childhood fear that has never been outgrown. Severe vomiting as a child or being firsthand witnesses to severe vomiting in others due to illness or any other reason can cause the subconscious mind will act as the body’s protector by attaching negative emotions or feelings to vomiting which will result in later stage of life to steer away from any such situation.

The main problem is the conflict between the subconscious mind and the conscious mind which can’t understand where this irrational behavior is coming from.  There may be other causes but due to the limited research that has been done regarding Emetophobia, you may not know the real causes for this condition.

Can’t You Just Live With Emetophobia?

The reason why Emetophobia is such a horrible phobia to have is that it is always with you, 24/7. Unlike other phobias, such as the fear of heights which only triggers when you are in a specific high or elevated place. Fear of needeles is also a fear that doesn’t consume your entire life as it only triggers when you need to get a shot and in most cases it can be avoided and you will be able to get the medial treatment you need in other ways. Fear of vomiting is something you can’t escape as you simply don’t know when it will occur and you simply avoid everything that can trigger it.

This difference between Emetophobia and other known phobias is the exact reason why you can’t and why you shouldn’t live with it.

“There is no such thing as living with Emetophobia. It can’t and shouldn’t be done.”

Those suffering from Emetophobia frequently have difficulties leading an ordinary lifestyle. Many discover that they’ve problems staying on their own with small children, and they could also steer clear of social events where alcoholic beverages exists. Keeping a job gets a hardship on emetophobics. Careers and personal ambitions can be put on hold because of the high anxiety linked to this phobia, and traveling becomes nearly impossible for many. Women suffering from Emetophobia may delay pregnancy or avoid it altogether due to the morning sickness associated with the first trimester, in case they did get pregnant, it made pregnancy difficult and challenging.

Bottom line is that you have to get over it to be able to have any sort of normal life. The good news is that you are not alone and there are proven treatments that will help you Overcome Emetophobia and get back the control on your life.

Emetophobia Treatments

Since there have been a small amount of research regarding Emetophobia, no particular treatment may be expressly referred to as the cure or remedy for this phobia. Therapy and treatments that are available for people with other phobias have been utilized in attempting to treat individuals with Emetophobia.


Psychotropic and gastrointestinal medications are known to help some emetophobics but the main problem is that most will avoid taking any medication due to the risk of it making them nauseous which may lead to vomiting and emetophobics will avoid anything that may lead to vomiting or the risk of it.


As with most phobias, therapy is commonly used with those suffering from Emetophobia but there are no proven results that it works for the majority.

So What Can You Do?

The first thing you should do is to understand your situation and understand that you must act to fix it, and the sooner the better. One solution that is proven to work thanks to numerous positive testimonials from many former emetophobics is Rich Presta, Emetophobia Recovery System.

The Emetophobia Recovery System is a complete program on how to retrain your mind to complete disregard this fear of vomiting and give you the freedom that you so desire.

I’ve gone over this program myself and I can say that it’s extensive, easy to follow, full of helpful tips and exercises that will help you learn how to control this fear, and, in my mind (and many others), it is the most powerful solution available today for Fear of Emetophobia.

NOW is the perfect time to act and get rid of your fear of vomiting forever. Living with Emetophobia is impossible so you shouldn’t do it especially when you can OVERCOME it. This could be the first day of your NEW LIFE, ONE WITHOUT Emetophobia.


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